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In An Evening Of Portuguese World Music

Modesto, CA, January 22, 2009: Called “a rising star in World Music” by the San Francisco Examiner, vocalist Ramana Vieira will bring her powerful and unique blend of Fado music to the Gallo Center for the Arts on Friday, February 13, 2009 at 8:00 PM with tickets ranging from $25 to $45. Ramana Vieira has solidified her place as one of the premier world music artists who understands the tradition of Portuguese Fado singing and continues to creatively construct a path into the future by combining new musical textures and original compositions along with her amazing ensemble of musicians that include: Marcie Brown (cello), Alberto Ramirez (bass guitar), Jeffrey Luiz (classical guitar), Steve La Porta (drums/percussion), Benito Cortez (violin) and other special guests.

This performance premieres the excitement for the soon to be released CD, “Lágrimas De Rainha (Tears Of A Queen)” on the Pacific Coast Jazz label. The emotional concept of “Lágrimas De Rainha” paints sonic pictures that support Ramana’s desire to invent a fresh Fado sound blooming from the ground of her own family roots. Ms. Vieira will give a sneak preview of these songs in the outstanding community venue, The Gallo Center for the Arts, known for setting a new standard for all the arts, education, and entertainment for the entire Central California region by producing shows of the highest quality and diversity.

The Gallo Center for the Arts is located at 1000 I Street in Modesto, CA or go to their website at:
http://www.galloarts.org/Events or call: 1-877-488-3380 to reserve tickets. For more about Ramana Vieira visit: http://www.RamanaVieira.net or http://www.PacificCoastJazz.com.

Sunday, January 25, 2009




Although bassist Mark Saltman has not been diagnosed with synaesthetic experiences, his compositions are written using color theory, sense perception and intuition. “I came up with my system based on how I hear tonalities,” Mark offered in a recent interview, “for example the brightest tonalities match the brightest colors just like on the color wheel. The difference between others and mine is that I equate 'c' (the key with no sharps and flats) to yellow, the brightest color, and 'Gb or F#' (the key with the most sharps and flats) to the darkest color or dark purple. This also corresponds with black and white keys on the piano.”

On his soon to be released CD, “Return Of The Composer” Mark uses this color sensory system in writing his original songs in collaboration with pianist William Knowles. The idea of composers looking at sounds in terms of colors is not new and in fact many past musicians have alluded to this concept including; Duke Ellington, Franz Liszt and Oliver Messiaen. According to medical studies these uncommon sensory experiences are examples of synesthesia, when two or more senses cooperate in perception. Once dismissed as imagination or delusion, metaphor or drug-induced hallucination, the experience of synesthesia has now been documented by scans of synesthetes' brains that show "crosstalk" between areas of the brain that do not normally communicate.

However, not everyone agrees on what colors correspond to what pitches which leaves the research open for debate. Mark Saltman says his songs are “related to traditional color theory” and he uses the same relationships on the color wheel when composing. “I also believe that my own color/music theory can be related to Eastern Philosophy where it is believed that certain colors are associated with channels and lines that exist around all of us.” An example of how Mark uses this method can best be heard in his compositions from “Return Of The Composer”, “Homeland” and “Shalom and Salaam.”

Please contact SVMediaRelations@gmail.com to interview Mark Saltman.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Danny Green Charts at #18 First Week of Radio

Pacific Coast Jazz Artist:

Danny Green Debut CD, "With You In Mind" Charts at #18 on Jazz Week for first week of radio airplay. The CD was #1 most added to play lists.

New World 'N Jazz Radio Promotion

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Danny Green "With You In Mind" Debut CD Released January 20

Danny Green Releases Debut CD "With You In Mind"
Just in time for the Obama Inauguration

Danny Green's new debut CD, "With You In Mind" (Pacific Coast Jazz label) is getting quite the attention. His first week of radio airplay put him at #18 on Jazz Week charts and his reviews have been praising this new young talent.

Check out the most recent review on Blogcritics by Kit O'Toole at:

Southern California jazz pianist Danny Green may be just 27, but his musical training began at the tender age of five. Through high school, college, and private instruction, Green became well-versed in jazz, classical, and Latin music genres. Previously he produced and collaborated with the Caballero Verde Quintet on their 2007 release Past Due. Now he puts his extensive experience to good use in his debut solo CD, With You in Mind, a promising outing that should please jazz fans.

Danny GreenPlaying mostly original compositions, Green’s classical training shows in his preciseness, yet the joy of jazz and Latin rhythms still surface. “Jellyfish,” one of the best tracks off the CD, is an appealing samba with Green’s confident, authentic Latin piano merging with intricate percussion. Latin grooves continue with cuts like “Doctor Pasta,” “Baiao Pra Voce,” and “Gigi,” with the latter being a perfect showcase for Green’s speed and dexterity. These tracks encompass his thorough study of Latin music, having worked with several world musicians as well as California’s Brazil Camp program.

He switches gears with the title track, a moody piece reminiscent of Theolonius Monk’s “Round Midnight.” Green’s gorgeous chords create a lush, romantic atmosphere. Again, his classical and jazz backgrounds blend beautifully, lending to his intricate yet soulful playing. “Lullaby for a Poet” shows a delicate side, with Green’s piano alone carrying the beautiful tune. Nowhere is his classical background more evident than on this track.

“Panic Nap” represents yet another sound departure, this time focusing on modern jazz. The beginning cacophony of notes and percussion signal a different tone, with the bass line driving the fast tempo. Green’s keyboard solo suggests fusion a la Miles Davis’s 70s outings. More fusion occurs in “Suite for the Americans” (the only song Green did not compose), an homage to the U.S.’s melting pot of music and culture. Just a hint of the blues can be heard among the exotic rhythms and Green’s precise playing, with fluctuating tempos and motifs thrown in the pleasing mix.

With “Take Five,” Dave Brubeck proved that jazz and classical could coexist. Green continues this combination with With You in Mind, and jazz fans will enjoy his invigorating piano work. This CD marks the beginning of an ambitious artist and is definitely worth a listen.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ramana Vieira Joins Pacific Coast Jazz Label;
“Lágrimas De Rainha (Tears of a Queen)” slated for March 24

San Diego, CA – January 5, 2009 - San Diego-based independent record label, Pacific Coast Jazz (PCJ), announces the signing of Bay Area-based Portuguese Fado singer, Ramana Vieira. The agreement anticipates the release of their new CD, “Lágrimas De Rainha (Tears Of A Queen),” slated for a street date of March 24, 2009.

“We’ve been looking for a top quality world artist for our label for quite some time,” says Donna Nichols, founder and president of Pacific Coast Jazz. “Ramana has solidified her place as an artist who understands the tradition of Fado singing and continues to creatively construct a path into the future by combining new musical textures and original compositions.” Nichols’ label has teamed up with the publicity team of SV Media Relations and radio promoter Neal Sapper at New World N’Jazz for access to international media buying and radio promotion.

Ramana’s rich, musical artistry combined with her unconventional original style have transported audiences throughout the world with highlights that include: opening for Grammy nominated fadista Mariza; performing her original song “Unido Para Amar” for the 2006 Winter Olympics video montage; making her international debut with RPT TV Portuguese network; and chosen to sing for the Grammy’s 50th Awards special Music Cares benefit to honor Aretha Franklin. Ramana’s first appearance of the New Year will be on January 14th, at the state-of-the-art performing arts venue, Monterey Live located at 414 Alvarado Street in Monterey, California. Concert begins at 8:00 pm and tickets can be purchased by calling 877-548-3237.

Pacific Coast Jazz, founded in 2003, is a boutique jazz label that also offers artist management services. All PCJ artists are distributed worldwide by MVD Audio/Big Daddy Music. For information on Pacific Coast Jazz, visit: www.pacificcoastjazz.com. For more information and interviews with Ramana Vieira, visit www.ramanavieira.net or contact SV Media Relations at SVMediaRelations@gmail.com.