Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Unique Way To Honor Your Mother This Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day, introducing a special, one of a kind compilation download CD, "From A Mother's Heart," to honor women, motherhood, family and mother earth.

Available at: iTunes, CDBaby, and Sound Visions Media

"From A Mother's Heart" is a musical tribute featuring mostly original compositions written by the artists who perform them and each one is dedicated to their own mother. In an effort to be Eco-friendly and keep this project kind to "mother earth" the CD is available exclusively as a download through digital media sources like iTunes, and Sound Visions Media.

"We want this CD to honor our mothers and mother earth" spoke recording artist and producer Ellen Johnson, "so we have to start making the necessary changes for ourselves and our planet by doing all we can to be environmentally conscious." Sound Visions Media is encouraging the media to embrace this concept by offering review copies as mp3's. It's clear that the public is more than ready to accept the idea of downloading music and getting the information about the project online instead of in a CD case.

When purchased through there is a pdf about the project, each artist's dedication to their mother and a download where you can print out the CD cover to give as a gift to your mother. The songs on this compilation are from the genres of jazz, world music, singer/songwriter, pop and even poetry. Each one has an individual message; some using lyrics while others capture the essence of their mothers through pure instrumental tones. From the joyous composition, "Ellie." to the intimate poem of ancient ancestors in dedication to the earth in "For My Chacoan Ancestors" the CD begins and ends with a deep understanding of the spirit of each mother's heart. Intimate ballads with tender lyrics as in "Song For My Mother", "With Every Kiss", and "You Know Me By Heart" intertwined with the humor of a mother's little girl in "Dat Dere" amidst the orchestrated and full arrangements of haunting messages in "Children's Playgrounds", Bougainvillea", I Do Remember You, and the wordless "Song For Mother (She Is Made Of Love)." There are even distant friends with a journey to the shores of Brazil and the beautiful Portuguese lyrics about the goddess of the sea.

"From A Mother's Heart" includes a respected roster of musical artists like jazz icon Sheila Jordan whose musical relationship with Charlie Parker helped her to innovate jazz vocals and saxophone great Don Braden who worked with legendary greats like Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard and Roy Haynes. Other artists that contributed to the project are guitarist John Stowell, vocalists Judi Silvano, Barbara Sfraga and Ellen Johnson along with pianists and vocalists Mala Waldron (daughter of the late great Mal Waldron), Peggy Duquesnel (adding a pop style original), world music group Brazil Brasil featuring Ana Gazzola and Sonia Santos, and singer/songwriter Ann Belmont. Every song is delicately dedicated to each musical artist's mother or mother earth.

"This is truly a one of a kind, unique project that is much needed in our changing times to honor the feminine spirit of our planet. We hope these songs will be shared with your own mother or we hope it will help in some way to heal your heart with your mother," remarked Ms. Johnson. Available at:, or

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