Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Jazz Winners- Don Heckman's Thoughts

Although you don't see the jazz awards given out on prime time TV, (don't get me started me on that), this year the pre-Grammy awards were presented online through the Grammy website. Hopefully this will be a way to get more attention to our jazz brothers and sisters and perhaps they might start playing the music on the show too.

I still would like to see them give at least one or more of these awards on the prime time show. Expose the public to some jazz music so that we can have a bigger audience. What a slight to the music that is inherently American from the roots up and has influenced all pop/rock styles in one way or another. The Grammy's need to embrace their heritage.

Again, it takes the people to make the changes happen. Join the Grammy's and become a voting member and make your voice heard.

For more about the winners please check out one of LA's great jazz journalists, Don Heckman, on his blog:

February 8, 2009
Here, There & Everywhere: The Jazz Grammy Awards
From the "International Review Of Music" blog

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